Triple Stage Water Purification System Model-KDX 3R-3stage

Triple Stage Water Filter – KDX-3R/3stage

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Product Description

Triple Stage Water Filter (Model: KDX-3R/3stage)


Purification Stages: Three

Media of Filtration: Polypropylene Heavy Wound Cartridge 10″

Make: Taiwan

Housing of Cartridge: AS Plastic

Make: Thailand

Second Stage: Chemical Remover

Media of Filtration: Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge 10″

Make: Taiwan

House of Cartridge: AS Plastic Material

Make: Thailand

Third Stage: Sterilization (Bacteria and Virus Removal)

Media of Sterilization: Ultra Violet Lamp

Make: Philips(Holland) OR Senkue(Japan)

Housing of Sterilization Process: Stainless Steel

Sterilization: Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp Covered With Quartz Sleeve

Lamp: UV11w ,  Output: 50,000mw sec/cm2

UVLamp Length: 9inch , Wavelength: 254nm

FlowRate : 1.5 LPM ,  Lamplife: 4,000hrs

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KDX 3R/3stage

4874 reviews for Triple Stage Water Filter – KDX-3R/3stage